January 2018


My Top Pick for the Best Exercise Bikes for 2018

exercise bike

Being an avid urbanite in a heavily populated and semi-tropical city, I like the freedom and advantage of the exercise bike that makes mobility a dream.

In additional to being practical and efficient as any bike can be, the electric bike has a mechanical advantage that makes facing steep hills and inclines with a heavy load easy. It is also quite possible for me to cross the entire city, something that would take a full hour in a car, in about 45 minutes and even less.

But the real advantages of an electric bike are only available in the best electric bikes. So, allow me to explain the advantages of the model I use the Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike.

Best Electric Bikes for 2018 — the Ancheer electric Mountain Bicycle 

From the intense traffic and congestion through lengthy tunnels and steep curves, this motorized option provides all the city cycler will need to get to point B in a flash. This vehicle was obviously designed for navigation off-road country and the speed and smooth ride are a testament to superb design and top-quality materials. Remember to keep warm on your electric bike, as your body may not be working just as hard with good quality cycling apparel and equipment online.



The bike comes with a light-weight aluminum frame. While a steel frame would have reduced road shocks transmitted through the handlebars, an aluminum frame allows the bike to push the out-of-shape rider that I am, up a steep hill with mechanical assistance.  Even with a heavy load I have never had to get off and walk up the rest of the hill.

Given that an electric bike will allow you to travel further with greater ease, a GPS cycling smartwatch comes highly recommended, to prevent becoming lost unnecessarily.

The extreme power comes from the top-quality German Constructed 250W motor. The extra strength 36V/8AH li battery allows me a full 30 miles of territory to explore before I have to ride home with muscle power, which I should add becomes increasingly easier as time goes by.

However, electric bikes may not be suitable all year round, and when the winding is howling outside, I always go to my reliable, York recumbent bike, possibly the best home exercise bike for 2018, in my humble opinion.